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Christophe Coppens is purveyor to Court of Belgium

Posted:  December 8th 2010

Christophe Coppens has newly been appointed as purveyor to the Court of Belgium.

According to a long established tradition, the list of people whom His Majesty King Albert II appoints as purveyors to the Court of Belgium is determined once a year. In 2010, Coppens was one of the three establishments appointed to the services of the Court. What an honour!

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Droog Las Vegas is opening soon

Posted:  December 7th 2010

We celebrated the upcoming opening of Droog Las Vegas in partnership with The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas with a cake from Bakker Baard.  Yummy!

Clafoutis to celebrate Droog Las Vegas


Let it snow

Posted:  December 6th 2010

This was the Tree trunk bench in the Droog Amsterdam courtyard on Saturday. As is usual in Holland, the rain took the snow away on Sunday.

Tree trunk bench in the courtyard of Droog Amsterdam