Apples infected with knowledges at Hôtel Droog

Posted: November 9th 2012

At a time when the world is striving for new medicines, alternative fules and facing a shortage of food, the vast field of genetic research cannot be ignored. Synthetic biology promises to, quite literally, change the world. But people get their back up when it comes to science messing with nature, especially if the bit of nature ends up in their bodies or on their dinner table.

During a debate on the 20th of November issues will be questioned such as: Where do people’s perceptions of genetic engineering come from and by what means does the public derive consensus? Are different areas of genetics perceived differently and why are they perceived this way? What is the role of the press, the scientists, and do artists and designers have any role at all?

The discussion will be moderated by Farid Tabarki with guests Charlotte Jarvis (UK artist Blighted by Kenning), Bert Lotz (Head of Applied Ecology, at Wageningen University), Reinout Raijmakers (Managing Director of the Bijvoet Center for Biomolecular Research at the Chemistry Department of Utrecht University), Prof. dr. Gert-Jan B. van Ommen (head of the Department of Human Genetics of Leiden University Medical Center) and journalist Jop de Vrieze

Hôtel Droog
FREE ENTRANCE (Limited capacity of 50 people)

The debate is connected with the exhibition, Blighted by Kenning: apples infected with knowledge by Charlotte Jarvis and the Netherlands Proteomics Centre presented at Hôtel Droog from November 15th – December 6th.

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