Masterpieces by Droog and the Rijksmuseum

Posted: April 10th 2013

Droog 20+ Rijksstudio

As part of the Droog 20+ up to a beautiful future presentation in Milan, Droog and the completely transformed Rijksmuseum launched an innovative tableware presentation. The designs are based on Rijksstudio, which consists of 125,000 digitized images of the rich collection of the museum. The products by Studio Droog and deJongeKalff are inspired by this digital museum collection. Colours, shapes and details from age-old works by Vermeer and Dürer are transformed into contemporary products using materials such as rubber and titanium. The spectacular table piece is a unique item; a reinterpretation of the 16th-century version by German silversmith Wenzel Jamnitzer, richly decorated with 3D printed magnetic miniatures from the Rijksmuseum collection.

Photo credits: Thijs Wolzak, Ingmar Swalue
Designs by Studio Droog and deJongeKalff

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