Droog develops landscape for Department of Design – call for participation [email protected]

Posted: April 4th 2014

Droog develops landscape for Department of Design – call for participation [email protected]

Department of Design opens its doors in Cape Town on July 8th, providing a platform for dialogue, knowledge exchange, matchmaking, and building trade relationships between South Africa and the Netherlands, based on local demand. Droog will develop the design for this temporary hub for the Dutch participation in Cape Town World Design Capital 2014, a spectacular ‘landscape’ called FLOW.

Cape Town put the spotlight on design as a transformative force for South African society and is looking for partners. This creates unique possibilities for Dutch businesses that can contribute to sustainable solutions for improving quality of life. Department of Design will showcase ‘best practices’ of Dutch creative innovation and design thinking that are relevant to local issues in Cape Town, South Africa, and Africa.

FLOW is built from locally sourced, recycled materials, and showing examples of Dutch creative innovation selected for their relevance and convincing appeal; the FLOW landscape offers plinths for models, screens for movies, small cubicles for presentations and one-on-one matchmaking, larger spaces for workshops and lectures, a coffee shop, and free WiFi.

Companies with a clear ambition to enter the South African market, as well as knowledge institutes, NGO’s and governmental bodies looking for or working with South African partners, are invited to join Department of Design and share their best practices in Cape Town from 8 to 27 of July! Respond to the open call before April 18th via http://departmentofdesign.nl/?p=27



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