Droog at Manifesta12

Posted: June 13th 2018

Botanical compositions and perfumes take over Palermo city centre, in the area of Fontana Pretoria. During the opening days of Manifesta12 designers Frank Bruggeman and Alessandro Gualtieri | The Nose created their perforative installations . Knowingly or unknowingly, directly or indirectly the public will become carriers of the local flora and spread them, possibly around the globe.

The Florilegium seeks to record collections of plants from within a particular place. Designer Frank Bruggeman and perfumer Alessandro Gualtieri | The Nose are cataloguing the flora of Palermo and tracing back the Greek, Roman, African and Arabic origins. The Bottle Tree and The Dragon Blood Tree are examples of trees that are to be found nowhere else in Europe. In their collaboration, on the occasion of Manifesta12, they take different approaches but the idea of pollination is cen- tral in both their performative installations.

Frank Bruggeman will explore the flora in and around Palermo and will collect seeds, flo- wers, plants and roots. These cuts will be the material for large and small botanical compo- sitions. These will be distributed in public space during the opening days of Manifesta12 and can be worn or used as corsage or small bouquet. Knowingly or unknowingly the wearer of the corsage will contribute to the further pollination of the nature of the island.

Frank Bruggeman is a designer with a special interest in nature, based in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. 


Alessandro Gualtieri has created three scents that centre around attraction and rejection. In order to reproduce and diffuse their own species, plants use scent and flowers to attract pollinators. The scent of pollen is the most ancient floral aroma and beatles the oldest pollinators. Beatles are attracted to both the pollen as well as the smells of rotting and excrement. The three stage perfume, distributed in different ways around the city of Palermo during the opening days of Manifesta12, will be in conversation with one another and with the public who will encounter them directly or indirectly and carry the scents further around the city.

Alessandro Gualtieri | The Nose is a perfume creator based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

Florilegium is commissioned by Droog on the occasion of Manifesta12.


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