NEW in the Serre: Greeneries by Nikkie Wester

Posted: September 3rd 2018


You are now welcome to visit the brand new textile interior of the Serre by Nikkie Wester at Hôtel Droog!

Wester transformed the space next to the Fairytale Garden by using elements of 17th Century greeneries as an inspiration. You can recognize the constructions of these original greeneries on the red textile.
The Serre is used for various occasions, such as weddings and business meetings. To make the space a perfect fit for every party, Wester constructed three adjustable backdrops. By using this system the back walls can be bare, but the space can also be divided in two without fully removing the elements and therefore keeping their acoustic quality.
The intensive process of sewing, transferring the image on the fabric, dry felting, harnessing, damping and cleaning, makes it a true piece of custom-made design!




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