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Youngest generation of designers takes stage at Hôtel Droog

Posted:  September 4th 2018



Hôtel Droog announces its forthcoming show following a memorable anniversary year. Eleven talented graduates from the Design Academy Eindhoven present their work in the lobby of the hotel. With a fresh cultural season, Hôtel Droog takes a look at the students’ final projects and the inspirations behind them. The show presents a selection of young graduated Master students, that received a degree in Social Design, Information Design and Contextual Design respectively. The show is free and open to the public from the 4th until the 30th of September. 

Responding to the fast emerging territory for design practice, the alumni redefine creativity across disciplines.

The mobile toilet Elisa Otañez designed is a perfect example. There is one public toilet for women for every ten urinals for men. To make a statement and present a solution for this problem at the same time, Otañez presents The Yellow Spot. Mobility is important in order to perform as a protest artefact and to be used to campaign, demanding toilets for women.

Thomas Stratmann addresses another current issue with his Arson Archive. It’s a collection of more than 400 arson attacks against refuge accommodations since East and West Germany’s reunion in 1990. In a refreshing and confronting way Stratmann shows us hatred and violence against refugees might be a bigger issue than we realize through anonymous numbers.

Anna Aagaard Jensen on the other hand is worried about how women can claim more space both literally and metaphorically speaking. Our contemporary Western society is represented through images – constantly exposing us to and imposing onto us standards and ideals. The chair Jensen designed encourages a more unconventional attitude in posture and body language. Through this act of sitting, women will feel empowered. For women only.

Other works in the exhibition are by Siri Bahlenberg, Ellie Birkhead, Minji Choi, Erika Emerén, Annika Felder, Robert Johnson, Camilo OliveIra, and Hala Tawil.




NEW in the Serre: Greeneries by Nikkie Wester

Posted:  September 3rd 2018


You are now welcome to visit the brand new textile interior of the Serre by Nikkie Wester at Hôtel Droog!

Wester transformed the space next to the Fairytale Garden by using elements of 17th Century greeneries as an inspiration. You can recognize the constructions of these original greeneries on the red textile.
The Serre is used for various occasions, such as weddings and business meetings. To make the space a perfect fit for every party, Wester constructed three adjustable backdrops. By using this system the back walls can be bare, but the space can also be divided in two without fully removing the elements and therefore keeping their acoustic quality.
The intensive process of sewing, transferring the image on the fabric, dry felting, harnessing, damping and cleaning, makes it a true piece of custom-made design!