12 Oct: Reprodutopia Talks

Posted: October 7th 2019

Welcome to Reprodutopia.

Next Nature Network and Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam invite you for an afternoon talk on reproductive futures, as part of a series of interactive events at Droog.

During this event, we will discuss the promises and perils of reproductive technologies with philosopher Anna Smajdor and designer Hendrik-Jan Grievink. The event will be moderated by Joyce Nabuurs.

Imagine a world in which you could choose the society you are born into, regardless of your biological sex.

Would you join society A, in which women bear all the burdens and risks of pregnancy and childbirth? Or would you rather join society B, in which reproductive technologies (such artificial wombs) are the norm, and the previously mentioned risks and burdens are equally distributed among both parents?

With this in mind, philosopher Anna Smajdor questions whether only women are responsible for bearing our next generations.

15:00 — How to Design an Artificial Womb?
Visual keynote by Hendrik-Jan Grievink
15:30 — Ectogenesis: A Dilemma
Keynote by Anna Smajdor
16:00 — Public Debate
Moderated by Joyce Nabuurs
16:30 — Drinks
17:00 — End

Anna Smajdor (UK) is Associate Professor of Practical Philosophy at the University of Oslo. Her work focusses on ethical questions related to medicine, innovation and the life-sciences. In 2007 she co-authored the book ‘From IVF to Immortality: Controversy in the Era of Reproductive Technology’.

Hendrik-Jan Grievink (NL) is a designer at Next Nature Network. He is an expert in translating philosophy into objects and experiences. He is the initiator of Reprodutopia, a mobile clinic to discuss reproductive futures.

Joyce Nabuurs (NL) is a researcher at the Vrije Universiteit. At the Science Communication department she investigates the potential role of speculative design in the societal debate on (reproductive) technologies.

This event is part of Reprodutopia, an exhibition disguised as a future clinic that presents thought-provoking visions of reproductive technologies by artists and designers. Some may be considered dark or uncanny, while others may be seen as hopeful dreams. Each project enriches the technology debate in a variety of ways, and helps us to decide which reproductive futures we actually want.

You can visit Reprodutopia daily from 9am – 7pm, free of charge. The exhibition runs from 10 October – 30 November 2019.

Opening 9 October 5pm – 7pm: Reprodutopia & Space is the Place

Image by Billie Rehwald



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