15 Nov: Latin pop-up dinner

Posted: October 24th 2019


Join us Friday November 15th for a very special dinner. A little hint of one ingredient returns in each course: the banana.

One of our favourite part-time chefs cooks for us. Felix travels the world as a cabin attendant, and gets to taste the world’s different flavours. At droog he will serve his interpretations in a surprising Latin four-course dinner.

Enjoy a laid-back latino evening in our cafe, together with your family and friends.


€45,- per person (ex. service fee)

Book your tickets here.


four-course menu
onion, beetroot, chervil

iñame salad
avocado, tomato, salsa verde

ceviche red snapper
mango, coconut, sweet potato, cilantro

liquido merengue
maracuja, tequila icecream

vegetarian menu available on request


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