Box-o-rama - standard

by EventArchitectuur

€ 1475,00

* € 1219,01 outside the EU

This cabinet is created by open source design tools. You can construct a custom cabinet to fit your room, by dragging and dropping boxes onto an online sheet of wood. But if you don't want to make design decisions, here's the easy way. This composition has been pre-designed by the creators themselves: architectural design studio EventArchitectuur. It is what they think is the best.


Brand: Droog
Material: Abet HPL , multiplex beech
Product Size: medium
Package Size: 90 x 130 x 20 cm
Package Weight: 100 kg

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EventArchitectuur is an architectural design studio that tries not to define its style. It aims deliberately to make the outcome of projects a result of the interaction of different participants in the design process. A design firm for time and experienced based architecture, EventArchitectuur communicates by redefining space—a three dimensional organization of light, sound and movement—whether in moments that last five minutes or 15 years, depending on the assignment. EventArchitetuur was founded in 1993 by Herman Verkerk (1963), who was trained as an architect at the TU Delft and ETH Zürich from 1984-1990. In 2003, artist Paul Kuipers (1972) joined the studio, a graduate of the department OK5 / Visual Arts and Public Space at ArtEZ, Institute of the Arts in Arnhem (2001).

Tal Erez (1981), trained as an industrial designer at the Holon Institute of Technology, Israel and honour graduate of the IM Masters program of the Design Academy Eindhoven (2010), began collaborating with EventArchitectuur in 2009.

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