9 Dec

The Price of Fashion

8:00 pm

The Price of Fashion : Fashion Charity Auction and Debate

Shifting the worth of clothing from brand-value to use-value

You are cordially invited to the fashion event The Price of Fashion, initiated in light of the current asylum seeker crisis in collaboration with Aynouk Tan.

This event is composed of two parts & a debate and auction - both of which re-evaluate the value of what we wear.

How do we learn from the crisis to adjust our perspective and find in what we already own? How does the emotional bond we have with a garment support this, and in turn, how do we generate new systems of thought and trade in respect to clothing

We will enjoy the musings on these questions and more from panel members Milou van Rossum (NRC), Willa Stoutenbeek (Founder WGreen.com), Josine Teunissen (Professor Fashion Theory, ArtEZ) and Femke de Vries (Author Fashioning Value - Undressing Ornament). This event is moderated by fashion journalist Aynouk Tan. Auction

This discussion will be followed up with a fashion auction where clothing will be auctioned based on the story of its (previous) owner. & Implementing an example of new trade systems based on use-value, in other words, what is the new price of fashion?

The story of one donation
A velvet embroidered antique Syrian dress from when I visited Damascus a few years before the civil war started, given to me by Sheik Majed - dubbed the & Sheik of Chic’ by Suzy Menkes from the then Herald Tribune

Each clothing item will be accompanied with its story. All money raised will be donated to a program run by the Rietveld Academie that repairs clothing for the 150 refugees residing at the Havenstraat Goodwill Centre in Amsterdam, maintained by the Dutch Salvation Army. We will also enjoy a presentation from guests (Saskia van Drimmelen and Margreet Sweerts), discussing their fashion label Golden Joinery; a community-based initiative that invites participants to repair beloved clothing with golden thread.