ASA Vegan Sushi @droog



* Appetizers
* 7 round of ASA signature sushi
* Japanese tea with vegan matcha caramel


19:00, 20:00



about the designer

ASA Vegan Sushi will take place at droog gallery during the exhibition of “ONWARD&UPWARD”, elevating the surreal feel of this “healing, cleansing and refreshing” garden experience, with her deceivingly fish-looking sushi. Tasting her mind-bending sushi in this special surrounding will certainly make an unexpectedly special experience, allowing you a sensorial affair with nature.

ASA sushi will invite you to a surprisingly audacious world of vegan sushi.

Asako, the creator of ASA Vegan Sushi is originally from Tokyo and started her plant-based sushi initiative 2 years ago in Amsterdam. Having witnessed the overwhelming amount of processed food in Dutch vegan market, she was triggered to shed a different light on this situation and reconnect with her Japanese roots. This has resulted in creating ASA Vegan Sushi, an artisanal plant-based cuisine concept.

By trying to mimic the looks and texture of fish sushi, ASA brings out the more possibility out of the produce. ASA hopes you to explore vegetables in a new way, as well as enjoy an authentic Japanese culinary experience.


Keep an eye on the ASA Vegan Sushi Full-course dinner on 7th November as well.