Go Slow Tokyo

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The Go Slow project, which was meant to put people at ease, had been exposed to thrilling adventures in Japan.

First, one pallet of products got stolen and two were kept at the customs. Therefore we had to improvise by rushing to a diy-shop to buy materials and make the necessary object ourselves on the spot.

Secondly, the project nearly had to survive a 5.7 earthquake, but had to be taken down the next day because a typhoon was rushing towards it.

Go Slow survived the typhoon and had been visited by a lot of people. This time visitors could have their Go Slow experience in a Tsumike house, specially built for this occasion. The Japanese seniors, who worked there as servants, enjoyed their job. Visitors were fond of the fresh orange juice with yoghurt and honey and were surprised by the combination of cheese and jam on their bread. Again the menu had been made by Marije Vogelzang.