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date: 14 September - 23 November 2008
location: Venice Architectural Biennale
company: S1NGLETOWN

Droog was invited by curator Aaron Betsky to participate in the Architectural Biennale in Venice, September 2008. Teaming up with Dutch communication agency KesselsKramer, we developed SINGLETOWN.

SINGLETOWN focused on the world of contemporary singles. Its relevance is broad, as all of us are likely to belong to this group at some stage in our lives — and likely more than once. In fact, some sources predict that a third of people in developed countries will be living alone by 2026.

SINGLETOWN was an exhibition as well as a town, an abstract interpretation of a new kind of urban space. Visitors could walk its streets and interact with the products.

The 11th Architecture Biennale in Venice took place in the traditional venues of the Arsenale and the Italia Pavilion.

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