9 Mar

Urban Green Instagram Pop Up

9:00 am Hôtel Droog

The Pop Up is a creative visual take on ‘urban green’ from internationally known Instagram photographers. The theme is inspired by the gap Droog observes between city planners take on urban green versus how locals experience and use it.

During our recent ‘Re-Dreaming the Street’ project, Droog surveyed residents in Amsterdam’s Nieuw-West by asking what their street and neighborhood would look like when they would be given the ultimate say. The majority of the 100+ people surveyed dream of having ‘more green’. This is quite remarkable considering that this same neighborhood in Amsterdam was once designed by city planners to become one of the greenest zones in the city.

What do everyday people on the ground perceive and experience as ‘urban green’? 

We asked 10 international Instagrammers to give their interpretation and document what they think ‘urban green’ looks like. Half the photographers have tackled the theme in honor of the style and spirit of Instagrammer Iauw Hwee Chung. 

We hope you are inspired to see the city and its ‘green’ in a new way.

Curated by
Suki (Droog)

Neil Andrews
Nina Bergh
Marielle Bloch
Ngoc Chau
David Esser
Saul de Jongh
Margo Kristel
Konrad Langer
Jann Maätita
Christine Tjhia
March 9 – 19, 2017

The ‘Serre’ of Hôtel Droog
Staalstraat 7B, 1011 JJ Amsterdam, the Netherlands

Opening hours:
MON - SUN 9am - 7pm

Exhibition design
Tessa Geuze (Droog)

Supported by
Bootsma Technologies B.V.
Canon Nederland B.V.

Harriët Mbonjani (Droog)
[email protected]