15 Oct

Workshop Golden Joinery

1:00 pm

A tear in your favorite jeans? Your grandmothers silk blouse with a worn collar? They form the basis for the GOLDEN JOINERY workshop.

GOLDEN JOINERY is a new non-commercial clothing brand, initiated by Dutch fashion collective Painted Series, developing in togetherness. In playful workshops you are invited to repair a dear but broken garment with gold.

Touched by the Japanese Kintsugi technique, where broken porcelain is visibly healed with gold, Painted Series started to translate this gesture to fashion from 2013 on. Kintsugi means golden joinery.
Instead of hiding the repair we transform our garments into unique pieces.

Another layer is added to our clothes, questioning the monopoly of fashion labels and our throw-away mentality. Value becomes a verb. A growing collection with visible golden scars emerges both offline and online: www.goldenjoinery.com

No experience needed with needle and thread; techniques and materials will be offered during the workshop. Painted Series (led by fashion designer Saskia van Drimmelen and theatre director Margreet Sweerts) is known for her sharp contemporary couture in which handwork techniques find a place of honor. Exploring new ways to make and present fashion, they build a daily practice that re-connects with the human rhythm and capabilities -- vast yet exhaustible, as is the earth. Golden Joinery is their latest project. www.paintedseries.com