KomedieLab is opening it’s doors

It’s new. It’s an experiment. And it’s not on the Amstel. De Kleine Komedie is also programming at @droog: KomedieLAB. A place for new stories, new forms, experiments, and try-outs. Featuring both undiscovered talents and established names, De Kleine Komedie aims to contribute to the development of new talent and enrich and broaden the genres of cabaret and small-scale performing arts.

KomedieLAB is situated in The Grand Space of @droog. Similar to De Kleine Komedie on the Amstel, this iconic building holds a rich history in Amsterdam. It once housed the Staalmeesters, portrayed by Rembrandt. KomedieLAB is a simple venue, a blank canvas, contrasting with the traditional plush theater hall on the Amstel. Nevertheless, it exudes an inviting and warm atmosphere. The place breathes art and experimentation, making it an ideal environment for trying out new and smaller theatrical forms.

On April 1st, KomedieLAB kicked off with “Volmondig,” a word art program in Dutch by Luan Buleshkaj featuring seven acts and a seven-course dinner. More programs coming soon!