On show: ME/YOU, US/THEM

On show from 12 April 2024 until 30 June 2024 @droog. Book your slot for a guided tour around the exhibition (available every day at 13:00). ‘How to live together’ is a fundamental question of our human existence. Today we […]

Ballet Kroket: live-podcast @droog 24 juni

Ballet Kroket wordt op maandagavond opgenomen voor een live publiek en met live muziek in deze keer @droog in Amsterdam. Ballet Kroket is de wekelijkse podcast over alle dingen waarmee je het leven kunt vieren, versieren en verdiepen. Hosts Francien Knorringa […]

Performance: Passportraits by Efrat Zehavi

As part of the ME/YOU, US/THEM exhibition opening, a visual artist and writer Efrat Zehavi will shape a plasticine portrait of the guests while engaging in a conversation with them. A well-known Passportraits series reflects the mix of identities that […]