Droog Dinner Delight 2006

Droog Dinner Delight 2006 was an exclusive Christmas dinner, organised by Droog in collaboration with food-designer Marije Vogelzang. The food performance triggered all senses under the theme of ‘Everyone is one’, which was to be found in the food as well as the ambiance.

The guests were sitting around the table, being connected by a giant dough layer. The image of an abstract, eatable moon landscape suits the situation quite well. This may sound like a strange dinner, but it got even stranger…

A kind of intimate lightshow accompanied the dinner. Every guest had a lamp next to him or her, which was not just for heating the dough. At a certain moment the lights were pointed into a new direction, telling people to change seats. A nice excuse to have a shameless chat with all of the guests!

All elements for a perfect Christmas Dinner Delight with delicious food, nice company and a cosy ambiance. You should have been there!