Droog Event 2: Urban Play

date: 20 September – 2 November 2008 location: Various locations in Amsterdam Urban Play is an international project by Droog and curated by Scott Burnham. It believes that street-level inventiveness, energy and innovation is the future of creativity in the city. It aims to be a catalyst to inspire creativity in the public domain. Carolien Gehrels, Alderman of the City of Amsterdam, officially opened Droog Event 2: Urban Play on Saturday 20 September. After the opening, visitors could see the exhibition and follow the interactive route designed by some of the most notorious urban interventionists.
The exhibition holds works by amongst others CutUp Collective (UK), Mark Jenkins (US), Windowzoo (CH), Truthtag (PL), Arno Piroud (FR), Rebar (US), Office for Subversive Architecture (UK&DE&AT) and the Graffiti Research Lab (US). Along the interactive route you’ll find works by amongst others Sagmeister Inc. (US), MartĂ­ GuixĂ© (ES), Gunjan Gupta (IN), Kwangho Lee (KR), Nothing Design Group (KR) and NL Architects (NL).