Extended Cigar Box Cupboard by Wieki Somers & Dylan van den Berg

Wieki Somers & Dylan van den Berg stayed extremely close to the cigar box, except that they chose to radically stretch it to the size of a cupboard, including the hinges and locks, and even the printed paper tape along the edges.

They made three versions for different kinds of cabinets, all made out of oiled okoume plywood, stiffened with ribs of the same material. Only the bottoms, or backsides, depending on the function, are MDF. The black prints are applied on the wood with a laser.
Somers & Van den Berg designed a wardrobe with a mirror on the inside and a large box that can lay flat on its back and that you can sit on. The third has a cross section not much bigger than that of an normal cigar box, but it is three meters long and can serve as a hanging wall cabinet. It is so long that it has even got stretch marks in the laser print. The big boxes are a strange mixture of pop art, functionality and beautiful craftsmanship.