Future Skins, New Identities

Future Skins, New Identities began with the quest of Paulien Routs to find new ways in which we could dress the body. Currently, in our everyday lives, our perception of ourselves and the world around is to a large extent influenced by our surrounding technology. These technologies are interacting with our bodies in ways which become more and more intimate. This shapes how we use our senses, and have impact on how we assist our bodies with the help of medical, biological or technology-based means. The question is, how can we adjust our dress in such a way that we relate to this new interconnected body? Sweating is not simply a process used by the body for thermoregulation, it also contains different substances and indicators. Different types of sweat, containing different sorts of acids or minerals, can offer an insight in the status of the body’s health. In her quest Routs has been aided by, aesthetic doctor Annebeth Kroeskop, who has profound knowledge about the body, skin and functions of sweat. The Dutch Cosmetics Association helped Routs by pointing to issues concerning the fine line between cosmetics and pharmaceuticals, for instance the applied laws and rules, and what occurs when you cross these. Thewa Innovation contributed to fine tune the concept by using their expertise in cosmetics and chemicals. Through this a recipe has been developed based on existing PH indicators for a product, which can be applied on fabric. By investigating multiple industries, it was possible to evaluate the feasibility of the concept using the knowledge of the various consultants and partners.

In this Reality Tank, the initial concept introduced each of the various partners to new research areas and objectives to establish an overarching concept, and showing that by stretching the limits of each industry, innovation can be facilitated in the sectors involved.

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