Garden of Delight

date: 5 – 9 April 2006
location: Trussardi Alla Scala, Milan
This morning Droog opened the doors of its Garden of Delight in Milan. While rain covers the streets of the city of design, the visitors experience the beauty and poetry of this year’s presentation. Take a walk through the forest, enjoy a massage, have a picnic, cover yourself in music, play on the swing… experience Droog.
We live in a dangerous world. Every day the media bring misery and threats into our living rooms. We think it is not healthy to be concerned about this all the time. Droog’s presentation this year is therefore dedicated exclusively to the idle enjoyment of the nicer things of life.
We are going to retire into a garden house or wrap ourselves up in a warm blanket to enjoy music completely on our own. We’re going to swing with plants or wander through the forest listening to the chirping of birds. We will be tickled very softly and we’ll go for a picnic. There’s a Nest house and romantic dresses with built-in cushions to lay down anywhere you like. However, wild animals are skulking in the forest and twilight is already starting to fall. The birds are not singing the way we are used to. It’s not the hands of a person but a robot tickles your back. The picnic hamper stings and when you take a good look at the picnic spread you realise you can’t exclude the evil world outside.