Glue couture

Say goodbye to the stitch; the new jeans is kept together by glue! Droog presented the Gluejeans by G+N designers as part of the public downtown programme of the Amsterdam International Fashion Week, January 24th – February 1st, 2009.
The designer duo Gerrit Uittenbogaard & Natasja Martens left the sewing machine for what it was. They figured that glueing instead of sewing actually works; even for a conventional, steady pair of jeans. It took a while to find the right glue, with the right liquidity and colour, but it passed G+N’s two-year test: Gluejeans is a high quality, durable piece of exclusive fashion.
Gluejeans is handmade in the Netherlands and is available in limited edition only. G+N won a Dutch Design Award for Gluejeans and have been nominated for the Audi Design Award as well as the Fashion Award. Check out for more details.
For more info on the public programme of the Amsterdam International Fashion Week, see: Fashion Week DOWNTOWN.