Go Slow

date: 14 – 18 April 2004
location: Gallery Postart, Milan
Droog’s 12th Milan presentation

In a white environment you could enjoy a moment of ‘going slow’; resting in the hustle and bustle of Milan during the furniture fair. Senior people flew in to offer a bite and a drink. Their service was slow but attentive. Slowness is a quality that is hard to come by in our modern urbanized world which is dominated by speed and fast consumption. We are extremely busy. We no longer follow processes. Our patience does not extend to ‘slow’ and ‘difficult’. Things must be easy and complete. Slowness is luxury. Take your time. Experience processes. Enjoy attention and care. Enjoy relaxation. Enjoy slowness.

Go Slow could also be experienced in Rotterdam, London and Tokyo. In 2005 Droog organised the Slow Fast Food snack bar in its own gallery in Amsterdam.

Go Slow at Kunsthal Rotterdam: 9-12 September 2004
During the Kunsthal Food Festival ‘KunsthalKOOKT’, the museum presented the cultural aspects of wining and dining with honest food, traditional products, small-scale producers en regional specialities.

Go Slow London: 24 September 2004
The Victoria & Albert Museum organised ‘Consume this!’ about sustainable consumption in fashion, design and food culture. As part of this evening Go slow was presented. The visitors could watch a video of Go Slow, made by Fendry Ekel. And they could consume special tea of ‘Drentse blaadjes’ and cookies made of forgotten grains.

Go Slow Tokyo: 07 – 11 October 2004
The Go Slow project, which was meant to put people at ease, had been exposed to thrilling adventures in Japan. First, one pallet of products got stolen and two were kept at the customs. Therefore we had to improvise by rushing to a diy-shop to buy materials and make the necessary object ourselves on the spot. Secondly, the project nearly had to survive a 5.7 earthquake, but had to be taken down the next day because a typhoon was rushing towards it. Go Slow survived the typhoon and had been visited by a lot of people. This time visitors could have their Go Slow experience in a Tsumike house, specially built for this occasion. The Japanese seniors, who worked there as servants, enjoyed their job. Visitors were fond of the fresh orange juice with yoghurt and honey and were surprised by the combination of cheese and jam on their bread. Again the menu had been made by Marije Vogelzang.

Installation and concept: Sloom, Rianne Makkink, Herman Verkerk in co-operation with Hansje van Halem, Frau Hanke (graphic design), Kees Wijker, Bregje de Heer, carpenter ‘t Woud (construction), Praoranuj Siridej (concept Senior Service).

Slow Food: Saai Design, Marije Vogelzang.

Go Slow DVD: Fendry Ekel, 2004