House and Home for Abitare il Tempo

date: 2002

Abitare il Tempo in Verona, Italy featured a special exhibition on living in the 21st Century. Massimo Morozzi, Ettore Sotsass, Denis Santachiara, Alessandro Mendini, Droog and two other parties were all allocated two hundred square metres to show their vision on the current home.

Droog chose the European angle to be presented as an understatement. For the occasion Traast and Gruson designed a ‘house’. It was decorated with a range of Droog products. These were selected according to their capability to carry some subdued national sign.

For instance Tejo Remy’s Rag chair was specially made in a version to include a piece of textile in a Scottish pattern, the Clothes hanger lamp by Hector Serrano carried a Spanish blouse, behind the rubber Straps that NL Architects did for the Mandarina Duck store in Paris were German tabloids and a book by Goethe, Cynthia Hathaway’s Nest digital cuckoo clock obviously represented Switzerland and the Do add chair by Jurgen Bey stood with the short foot on a stack of Belgian comics.