Indigo for Levi's RED

Levi’s RED commissions Droog Design for a windows concept to be presented in a few high end shops in different parts of the world. Droog Design asks Jurgen Bey to participate in this project.

Jurgen Bey bases his design on the fact that the originally colourless indigo plant reveals its special blue colour by a chemical reaction with water. Not immediately, but slowly the colour changes from yellowish to the deepest blue. His idea is to show the Levi’s RED Line behind a pulsating screen, shifting between transparent and indigo blue. This is the start of a process in which different kinds of possibilities are investigated.

The result is an installation in which the latest liquid crystal technology is applied. It’s a screen that is first shown at the Fashion Week in February at Jones’ in London and at Collette in Paris. Droog Design shows Indigo in Milan during the International Furniture Fair. Afterwards, the installation visits several major cities all over the world.