Layer plates

by Studio Droog. The motif of a historical plate has been distilled onto four glass plates. Enjoy each on its own, stack them to recreate the original motif, or create one of your own imagination. This product is part of the project Rijksmuseum: Rijksstudio M2.


Droog has adapted pieces from the 8000 objects in Amsterdam’s Rijksmuseum to create a studio space for Milan design week 2014. Spaces set up at Droog’s ‘Rijksstudio m2’ exhibition were ‘dressed with fantasy, a new environment for minimalism’. The collection, launched after the presentation in Milan, takes colours, shapes and details from traditional artworks and uses contemporary materials such as rubber and titanium to create contemporary products. As well as these, Droog has presented products from its New Original series referencing iconic Chinese products such as the Tea for One and Tea for Two teapots by Richard Hutten. The AA Glasses mimic the form of five historic glasses in the Rijksmuseum whose makers are unknown. Table Skin is a silicone cast of traditional Dutch ribbons and piping embroidery, used to form a durable, waterproof and easy-to-clean table cloth. The furniture and homeware range created as part of the installation takes its lead from historical artifacts and pieces within paintings in the Rijksmuseum’s collection.

Source: Plate with Imari decor, porcelain factory on the Amstel, 1784 – 1814