Master Pieces 2008

Graduation stress already reached its peak one week ago, yet the grande finale for the public is set about to begin. Nine examinees of the IM Master course of the Design Academy Eindhoven will therefore present their works at droog at home in Amsterdam.

During the opening of Master Pieces 2008, designer Thomas Traxler demonstrated his ‘Idea of a tree’: a machine which produces one product a day on the basis of the intensity of sunlight. Each product can be seen as a diary that way; like a reflection of place and time, likewise the annual rings of a tree.

Adam Farlie | Filling the void
Horror vacui, or the fetisj of filling up the gaps.
Cedric Flazinska | MyDesigner

Semantic interface translates personal wish in final product.

Hung-Pin Hsueh (Ama) | Aromatic fabrication
Driftwood as a friendly use of exotic building material.

Giovanni Inella | Design and its double
The image of a product becomes more important than the product itself.

Francesca Lanzavecchia | Pro(ae)sthetics
Medical aids, but beautiful to wear.

Katharina Mischer | Limited fungi
Limited editions as fundraisers for endangered animal species.

Nadia Pedreschi | Obsession/Control
Perfect obsessive-compulsive neurotic relation between man and object

Thomas Traxler | Idea of a tree
Intensity of the sun determines the production process.

Jie Yu Yong | Designing water consequences
Visualising the effect of water pollution.