In 2012 Amsterdam’s Rijksmuseum launched Rijksstudiom a public database of over 200.000 digitalised high tech resolution images of the musuem’s collection of artwoks and historical artefacts, On the Rijksstudio webstie, users can download en modify the artworks, and start their own “studio” featuring their reinterpretations and desings. For the Rijksmuseum, opening the collection broadens its impacte and reach, by creatively engaging the public with the works.

The Rijksmuseum approached Droog to create a series of products based on the Rijksstudio collection. A still-life painting of flowers with a glass case from the 17th century has become a temporary tattoo that can be cut and arranged on the body. The motif of an 18th-century cermaic plate was dsitilled onto four glass plates that can be stackted to recreate the original or used seperately. A lavishly decorated centrepiece by German silversmith Wenzel Jamnitzer was redcoreated with 3D-printed magnetic miniatures of the Rijksmuseum collection. Centuries-old works reinterpreted in contempirary shapes, functions, techniques and materials. The resulting works were presented during the international Furniture Fair in Milan in 2013.

The new and completely transformed Rijksmuseum presents new designs based on Rijksstudio, developed by Studio Droog and deJongeKalff. Century old works reinterpreted in contemporary shapes, techniques and materials. A highlight is the famous centre piece by German silversmith Wenzel Jamnitzer, now lavishly decorated with 3D-printed magnetic miniatures of the Rijksmuseum collection. Rijksstudio consists of 125,000 digitized images of the rich collection of the Rijksmuseum. Please visit the website and get inspired.