New Dutch Designers

Wieki Somers, Simon Heijdens, Chris Kabel and Joris Laarman: four young Dutch designers who brought their work as well as their sources of inspiration. They found out what they had in common in the way they work and the way they think.

Art network meets design
As a designer, Wieki Somers found that she was a minority in her art network. Therefore she decided to propose ‘design’ as a theme for one of their informal bi-monthly meetings on May 24th. The best place to meet she thought was the gallery of Droog, where she happened to take part in the New Dutch Designers exhibition.

Seated around the ‘inspiration table’ in the gallery where the four New Dutch Designers showing objects and texts which inspired them in the work they presented. A discussion took place between people from the field of art and people from the field of design. Gijs Bakker, who was a special guest in his own gallery for this occasion, shared his views and also gave an exclusive tour through the offices of Droog which had been painted by artist Franck Bragigand.