Play with food

New media artist Osman Khan goes beyond still life tradition with his interactive installation ‘Play with food’. Food is made tangible and movements will be visible on the table. The unique work could be experienced for the first time in the Netherlands.

Play with food revisits objects, hand gestures and movements at the table like moving food and drinks. Osman Khan films, programs and projects the dining; objects transform into long shadows and table gestures cause colour streams. This interactive registration changes the visitor’s relation to the table and makes a beautiful colourful spectacle.

Food performance
“Despite their mother’s best teachings, visitors prefer to play with the food, treating the table and food elements as a dynamic still life, mixing colours and forms and altogether forgetting about eating.”

Visitors are invited to join the lunch of ‘Play with food’ and create their own dynamic still life by blending colours and forms. The tables will be set for lunch with drinks, bread and assorted fruits and vegetables. By eating the food, visitors literally and metaphorically consume the performance. The table eventually returns to its original, blank state.