Restoring daily life

Droog’s 10th Milan presentation: part 2

In an environment where all eyes were perpetually focused on styled slick products and where ‘new’ was embraced just for the sake of it, Droog looked for everyday life situations in which the number of new products had been kept to a minimum. It was about integration of the new and the existing, the special and the common, the ugly and the beautiful, perfection and imperfection, illusion and reality.

In Milan, artist Franck Bragigand, who designates his art to painting mass production and the garbage of society, painted used and unused objects brought in by visitors at the exhibition space at Via Lomazzo.

Droog shop
Droog also introduced a new activity. It started a Droog shop, designed by Richard Hutten. The reason to do this, was the ever continuing complaint that Droog products were not for sale in regular shops. This sales activity was also a prelude to the new space Droog was about to open in May in Amsterdam.