Russia consumes

local partner: Strelka Institute for Media, Architecture and Design

Ranging from the conspicuous consumption of cars and jewellery by the New Russian to the reading of a Russian literary classic by a farmer on the train, Russia exemplifies extremes when it comes to consumption. Observing the divides between the rich, the intellectual, the average and the poor, the urban and the rural, Russia consumes will seek inspiration from different classes and habits in Russia to develop a new models of consumption that we can all learn from.

Russia consumes kicked off as part of Strelka’s summer program of 2010 from September 6th – 10th. The outcome, Fantastical Investments was presented at Droog Amsterdam on September 22nd, 2011. 

See the outcome, Fantastical Investments, here.

Project team
Renny Ramakers, director (Droog)
Ilya Oskolkov-Tsentsiper, local partner, president (Strelka)
Daniel van der Velden, leading designer (Metahaven)
Totan Kuzaembaev, architect
Pavel Milyakov, designer
Digna Kosse, designer
Michèle Champagne, designer
Sjeng Scheijen, consulting expert
Agata Jaworska, content & project manager (Droog)
Katya Girshina, director of public programmes (Strelka)

Read an interview with Daniel van der Velden and Agata Jaworska here.

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