Serving NY

An epicentre of highly specialized service industries, New York is a place where most homes do not have irons or washing machines, where taxis outnumber cars, where restaurants hire water pourers, hotels designate door openers, grocery stores have shopping bag fillers and dog-sitters walk the dogs. Inspired by the astute service culture of New York, the Droog Lab explored the possibilities of such a service-oriented mentality.

The outcome of the project is Open house.

Project team
Renny Ramakers, director (Droog)
Charles Renfro, leading designer (DS+R) 
Claudia Linders, designer         
Frans Twisk, designer
Hayley Eber & Frank Gesualdi, designers (EFGH)
Heleen Mees, consulting expert 
Reinhold Martin, consulting expert (Columbia University)
Mark Wasiuta, consulting expert (Columbia University) 
Agata Jaworska, content & project manager (Droog)
Katrin Murbach, Daniela Dossi, Libby Scarlett, lab interns (Droog)

Symposium partner
Studio-X New York, GSAPP, Columbia University. Part of the Global Network Initiative of the Graduate School of Architecture, Planning and Preservation, Columbia University

Thank you to the following service providers who kindly shared their insights with us during our workshop: 
Brian Mestre Dog Walking, Citymeals-on-Wheels,, Dr. Sofa, Extreme Achievers Team‎God’s Love We Deliver, InterExchangeIntuitive Readings with Derek Calibre, Joshua the PsychicKelima KMy Image Expert, North American Investigations, Inc.NY Wedding DancePaws In Chelsea‎Relaxation SuiteSanaVitaSunny Bates Associates‎The Image CircleThe Luv CoachTrain Daly‎Unique Chic

Special thanks to Tobias Wong for his contribution at the kick-off brainstorm.

Read more about the Lab here.