Slow Fast Food

The ‘slow’ feeling from the Droog presentation during the Salone del Mobile 2004 in Milan is recalled in co-operation with the Slow Food organisation. For two weeks, Droog hosts a Slow Fast Food snackbar in its own gallery.

Things that seem contradictory at first site, come together in this ‘restaurant’ snacks and delicacy. Products that you would traditionally find only in snackbars, such as the hamburger and chips, are prepared with ingredients based on quality, honesty and local availability. The snacks are presented in small portions to the public, that can ‘fijnproeven’. The snacks are completed with subtle details.

In a serene white surrounding seniors calmly served cups of tea to hurried fair visitors. The ‘slow’ feeling did not leave us. Hamburgers and milkshakes are not the most obvious products when it comes to tasting. The miniature snacks of the Slow Fast Food snackbar were true delicacies, though. They were prepared according to traditional recipes with high quality ingredients. Visitors could watch how they were made on the spot and they could get detailed information about the origins of the ingredients. The snackbar was furnished with products from the Droog collection. The cups and saucers in which the snacks were being served could be taken home by the guests.

Go Slow was first presented in Milan during the International Furniture Fair 2004. The event could also be experienced in Rotterdam and Tokyo. Slow Fast Food was also served at the Creative Industry meeting with Dutch Prime Minister Balkenende.