Symposium: Meeting of Minds

Meeting of Minds is a true crossover symposium presenting discoveries, work and practices. Meet, listen and talk with designers and design critics and experts in solar energy, leather, chemistry and polymers.

The symposium highlights The Reality Tank project, a two years program initiated by Droog Foundation and funded by The Creative Industries Fund NL. In this program designers have been connected to the daily reality of science, research and industry. Together they have been investigating how to create value from using speculative design as an instrument of change, for example exploring how solar panels could be more than just efficient tools and how leather could become malleable. A reality check on speculative design!

The symposium goes beyond a presentation of projects and asks central questions on how we develop ideas and innovations. Is it through intuition or serendipity? Is it through a process of trial and error? What is the role of chance? Can design really offer different perspectives? In what way and at what point does speculative design become reality?

We invite you to engage in the ongoing exploration on the value of speculative design!

13:00 Registration Moderator: Puck van Dijk
13:30 Start program,
13:30 Welcome by Renny Ramakers (Droog)
13:40 Introduction Reality Tanks by Marieke Rietbergen (Design Innovation Group)

13:55: Self Unself by Thomas Widdershoven (Design Academy Eindhoven/Thonik)
How does speculative design at the Design Academy Eindhoven relate to reality?

14:20 Natural Modification by designer Anne Vaandrager and Kleodimos Sachperoglou ,Thomas Gøgsig (ECCO Leather)
When is a creative process finished?

14:50 Botanica by designer Simone Farresin (Studio Formafantasma) and Martin van Dord (Dutch Polymer Institute)
What are the roles of participants within a creative process?

15:20 Break

15:40 Future Skins, New Identities by designer Paulien Routs and Ewa Delezuch-Ntambala (Thewa Innovation)
How can the constrains of reality shift the speculative design?

16:10 More is More by designer Jeroen Verhoeven (Studio DeMakersVan) and Wim
(TKI Solar Energy)

How can designers and scientists inspire each other?

16:40 Break

17:00 Panel discussion:
Tracy Metz (Journalist and author, NRC Handelsblad, De Groene)
Paul Boeding (Biobased Economy, Ministry of Economic Affairs)
Martijn van der Mark (Creative Industries Fund NL)
Jeroen Junte (Journalist, de Volkskrant, Architectuur NL, FRAME, Elle Deco)
Angele Reinders (Sustainable Energy Expert at University of Twente)
Jeroen van Erp (Fabrique, Topteam Creatieve Industrie)

17:30 End of the symposium at Frascati

18:00 You are invited to visit the Reality Tank exhibition: “A reality check for speculation” at Droog Gallery, Staalstraat 7a/7b, Amsterdam. Drinks will be served until 19:00.

19:00 Dinner at Roomservice,€27,50 upstairs at Hôtel Droog (1st Floor) Staalstraat 7B, 1011 JJ Amsterdam.