System Almighty

The San Francisco Museum of Modern Art invited Droog to participate in their exhibition 010101 art in technological times. The theme was ‘new developments in contemporary art, architecture and design as they evolve in a world altered by the increasing presence of digital media and technology’.

Droog took the network community that our society has turned into, as a starting point. We are connected to many systems, hence to more than one reality. Because of ‘bugs’ you may end up in a different reality. Droog developed the installation System Almighty which consisted of three parts.

A picture symbolized mankind as a system extension. A screen with 15.000 four letter words, which people could make visible with the use of hair dryers, showed the intangibility of the system. The third part was a ‘house’ containing 40 electronic products. Visitors could switch on combinations of them by scanning in any barcodes they had, to show interconnections of different systems.