Workers / Designers

The young French 5.5 designers created a new range of tableware based on classics by porcelain manufacturer Bernardaud. Under the name ‘Workers / Designers’ these unique designs were displayed in the Netherlands for the first time.

5.5. designers were commissioned by French porcelain manufacturer Bernardaud to design new tableware. Instead of creating new objects, 5.5 designers introduced a different way of working by creating small interventions in the production line and giving the workers an active role in the design process. The result was surprising: handles were positioned inside or underneath the cup and flower prints spontaneously flew out.

Open talk
Vincent Baranger, Jean-Sebastien Blanc, Anthony Lebossé and Claire Renard discussed the project in an open talk and explained why in their opinion the notion of design is over-used, how they redefine design and which future projects they would want to develop.