Your Choice

Droog’s 11th Milan presentation: part 1
Your Choice commented on choosing something consciously or unconsciously from the host of possibilities presented to us in daily life. How many choices does a person want and how many can he cope with? And what happens when the consumer is offered so many possibilities and variations that it’s no longer possible to make a choice?
Your Choice referred to the title of one chapter of Naomi Klein’s book ‘No Logo’, called ‘No Choice’. The exhibition was mainly intended to provoke questions on the choices we make in relation to the phenomenon of branding, born from curiosity about visitor’s behaviour. Obvious considerations were blown up or turned upside down.
The installation, designed by Concrete Architectural Associates, consisted of over ten thousand bottles of specially bottled Droog water. Visitors were invited to dismantle the exhibition by buying a bottle for 1 euro. So during the show one could witness the installation change.
It may sound like a paradox: challenging brands and at the same time branding the Droog Label according to usual merchandising conventions. But it was all part of the concept. People could choose for themselves whether they wanted to participate in the game.
The presentation Your Choice went from Milan to Rotterdam, Stockholm and Prague consecutively.
Kunsthal, Rotterdam: 7-18 May 2003
Villa Holesovice, Prague: 6-10 October 2003
Kulturhuset Museum, Stockholm: 2-28 September 2003
Exhibition design by Concrete Architectural Associates. Your Choice catalogue and invitation design by Thonik.
Afterwards, the exhibition Your Choice travelled to Prague, the Kunsthal in Rotterdam and Stockholm.