Tai Chi *Sold Out*

SLOW DOWN your mind & ENERGIZE your body

The Tai Chi class exists of morning exercises for body awareness, internal energy and harmony for everyday life.

Meditation: Become aware of your thoughts and posture.

Breathing exercises: Connect your physical and energetic bodies.

Taoistic self massage: Use your vital energy to strengthen the senses and rejuvenate the organs.

Chi Kung: A system of coordinated movements to energize your body.

Tai Chi Chuan: A gentle and slow martial art that uses all previous practices. Moving in silence like flowing water is relaxing, refreshing and strengthens our entire immune system.


Instructor / docent: Rui Bandeira International Tai Chi Chuan Association (Original Yang-Style)

More info: https://www.itcca.nl/almere


The first lesson is free, please RSVP.