Pop-Up: Unpeeled by Interloop x Simply Suzette

Waste, or a canvas of creative elegance? The UNPEELED collection by Interloop x Simply Suzette takes you through the journey of transforming discarded banana stem waste and cotton into the fabric of conscious fashion.

It’s a celebration of the circular economy, utilising what is typically discarded, providing farmers with an additional income stream, and birthing fashion that’s stylish, functional, and kind hearted.

Each garment, meticulously crafted from Loomshake fabric – an 80:20 blend of cotton and banana fiber, narrates the story of our relationship with nature, communities, and the unending cycles of life.

Unpeel the layers of farm to fashion with Interloop at @droog.

About Unpeeled

“Unpeeled” is a collection presented by Interloop x Simply Suzette. Unpeeled is a fashion parable of this very world. Each of the pieces in the collection unveils a layer of our existence, telling the story our relationships — with nature, with each other, with the cycles of growth and decay, with beauty, and with change.

Free entrance.