by Studio Droog

€ 219,00

* € 180,99 outside the EU

Add a baroque touch to your home with wallpaper Stucco. A selection of the best stucco reliefs, found on the walls and ceilings of churches and palaces from Amsterdam and beyond, are redesigned into a contemporary composition by colouring, mirroring and scaling. No cement or constructionworker is needed to plaster your wall with this stucco.


Brand: Droog
Material: printed fleece-paper
Product Size: 194,8 x 300 cm / 76.7” x 118.1” (total of 4 sheets of 48,7 cm / 19,2” wide)
Package Size: 49 x 9 x 9 cm
Package Weight: 1.8 kg

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Studio Droog

Studio Droog
Founded in 2011 by Renny Ramakers, Studio Droog is an Amsterdam based studio that develops the Droog brand through a range of furniture, accessories and lighting products. The studio uses a carefully selected team of in-house designers, dedicated to designing quality products that change your experience of daily life.

The studio is committed to delivering useful products with a strong identity. We believe that utility does not have to come at the expense of fantasy. Every piece in the studio’s collection begins with a radical re-think of a particular item and the way that it can be used. Each product is unique and tells a story of its own, but all share a strong emphasis on both function and fiction.