Enter the past and see the future

Enter the Past and See the Future is the title of the 25th anniversary exhibition celebrating memorable highlights that have shaped the collective program of Droog. This exhibition features 32 projects chosen by co-founder and director, Renny Ramakers.

The projects are based on themes, seeking for more ways to experience the possibilities of design and design thinking. Merging the bottom line of Droog, the exhibition consists of relevant topics represented by the work of different renowned designers, emerging talents, scientists, entrepreneurs and architects. Enter the Past and See the Future challenges the spectator to track down the larger idea behind the visual design. The exhibition will be on show from 26 April until 27 May 2018.

25 years of Droog
Droog’s debut came in the spring of 1993 during the International Furniture Fair in Milan with a modest show of offbeat items by Dutch designers. Now, 25 years on, Droog has gathered a wide range of projects. Through the exhibition it becomes evident that many of the themes addressed by Droog in the past are still relevant, and in some cases even very topical, in the present-day.

The spectrum of identity is shown in experimental projects such as Identity LandMe, Meself and MY job and Single Town. Alongside the discourse with environmental challenges is set with crafted programmes as Material MattersRe-Use and Social City. These relevant themes are annually presented in Milan; alongside at the Venice Biennial; UABB in Shenzhen; a San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, and other places worldwide. Most icons of Droog are interconnected with all the above stated topics. Together they offer a different perspective on design.

In the exhibition, the exponents visualize a Q&A with Renny Ramakers, addressing simple yet intriguing questions about the underlying idea of the projects. It becomes clear that the apparent straightforward questions include clear concepts. More generally the personal answers of Renny refer to the fact that the outcome of the projects not always have to be a product itself.

Droog’s view on the future is shaped by the past and the past reveals the future. Through the 25 years Droog made exhibitions, gave lectures, produced and distribute products, published books and created a shop and hotel. Up until this day Droog responds to the latest developments in design with original yet relevant ideas. Nowadays Droog is a mentality that is shaping up in all the disciplines. Droog will continue with a broad range of activities all connected and nourished by an ever-evolving dialogue within society.