Green Machine

Designer: Doepel Strijkers (Eline Strijkers, Duzan Doepel, Chantal Vos)

Developed with Cultureel Denkwerk
In collaboration with Wijk- en Speeltuinverening Tarwewijk

Green Machine is a production unit for compost that connects children to urban agriculture. All ingredients needed for urban agriculture are facilitated, including rainwater collection, rainwater storage, watering, year-round composting, as well as indoor and ground based cultivation. Worm compost bins are placed in an insulated area, enabling year-round compost production, generating fertile soil for cultivation in the warmer months.

At full capacity, Green Machine achieves an output of compost on a yearly basis that is sufficient for approximately 200 square meters of gardening. Surplus compost and food will be sold or exchanged by children.

Green Machine is installed in a centrally-located playground (located at Wijk- en Speeltuinverening Tarwewijk, Mijnkintstraat 5) and is connected to an existing family network, including existing owners of allotment gardens. Its compost will serve several other surrounding playgrounds.