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The World As We Don’t Know It – A New Bond Between Human and Earth

An exhibition curated by Renny Ramakers
From 24 September 2021 till 12 January 2022 in the gallery spaces @droog.

What would it be like to create a work of art that would only be finished in 100 years? What if animals, plants and other living creatures were given the same rights as humans, or if rivers and mountains could sue us for the pollution we cause? What if we actually listened to the voices of the residents of the North Sea before erecting windmills in the sea? Or if we listen to the children who simply state that eating lamb is the same as slaughtering a baby, and who think that because we caused the environmental crisis it is up to us to solve it. 

In this group exhibition, 22 international artists share their visions of the climate crisis. They argue for a different relationship between human and earth, a different way of structuring society. A society that does not harm the ecosystem of our planet. Is this new society the world we would like to live in? Is it a utopia or can we actually make it come true?

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Images: Maria Friberg – Nightvision, 2019

on view: Outsiderwear Festival

From July 10th until the 30th, Outsiderwear Festival will bring together 40 “outsider” and “insider” artists from a range of varied backgrounds, from niche artists and big streetwear labels to independent designers and visual artists, with and without a disability. The first edition of Outsiderwear Festival will inspire visitors with streetwear presented in 9 different locations. @droog is one of the locations!

@droog, most of the collaborations will be presented. Among them: A special Nigerian based collaboration between Aadesokan and Maxivive, who came all the way from Lagos to present their collection. Bonne Suits works with six different artists, who use the Bonne Suits as a canvas. Also, Alex Naber and gender bender jeans brand Hardeman will present a pink queer mini-collection. Next to that multiple collections will be presented, among others Nielsjan Tavernier and Tom van der Borght, Marie Bodson and Kasbah Kosmic; Outsiderwear Tattoo Project, Johan Vanderschelden and Klaas de Baere and Naomi Schupper.

Opening hours
Every day from 10 till 6pm.
Staalstraat 7B, Amsterdam
On view untill July 30th.

About Outsiderwear
Outsiderwear is a project in which talented “outsider” artists collaborate with emerging or already successful fashion designers, streetwear labels and artists. An outsider artist is an artist with, for example, a mental or physical disability, a psychological vulnerability or a homeless background. Nowadays there is already more attention for outsider art, but the world of outsider art rarely comes together with the mainstream creative industry. Outsiderwear breaks this dichotomy and connects the worlds of insiders and outsiders through collaborations and various activities.

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Currently on view in the gallery spaces at droog: the droog collection. With iconic designs by Tejo Remy, Jurgen Bey, Chung-Tang Ho, Minale-Maeda, Richard Hutten, Niels van Eijk, Jan Konings, Hugo Timmermans, Wieki Somers, Dylan van den Berg, Nina Farkache, Mark van der Gronden, Maartje Steenkamp, FormaFantasma, Marijn van der Pol, Jan Hoekstra, Leon Ramakers, Maarten Baas, Chris Kabel, Rody Graumans, Remy Jungerman, Marcel Wanders, Bas Warmoeskerken, Aura Luz Melis & NEXT Architects, Ed Annink and nnelys de Vet.

On view in the gallery until July 3d.

Museum for Non-Essential Art by We Are Public

We Are Public opens the Museum For Non-Essential Art in the [email protected]!
Since 28 April, non-essential shops have had their doors open again. But museums and cultural institutions remain closed. What does this say about the place art has in our society?⁠⁠
With this exhibition, We Are Public wants to get people thinking about what is essential and what is not, and what place art has in our society. In the brand new pop-up museum everything is for sale. From a glittery toothbrush holder to a video installation and an Ikea manual 2.0. ⁠⁠
Opening hours

Wednesday–Friday: 10:00 – 18:00 h
Saturday & Sunday: 12:00 – 18:00 h

⁠⁠Free entrance

On view untill May 26th

more info:⁠⁠

14/4: Artist Talk Genevieve Murphy

We are happy to welcome Genevieve Murphy and Marijn Lems for our last Artist Talk of the series. Wednesday April 14th, live at 17.00h (CET).

From a young age, composer and performer Genevieve Murphy (1988, Scotland) has had a fascination with psychology and the way people interact with each other and form emotional bonds. In her music video Your Feeling, shown in Onward&Upward, she explores what attracts us and what repels us. The song is the first of her album I Don’t want to be an individual on my own. Triggered by experiences growing up with a brother who has autism, this album is about the power of empathy. How can we relate to each other when we all have our individual perspectives on reality? In the performance Genevieve creates an intimate 8D sound landscape, evoking closeness through sound in times of physical distancing. A live version will be shown during the talk.

The talk will be hosted by Marijn Lems, who is a performing arts programmer for theatres and festivals and writer of reviews about theatre and performance art for various journals.

You can register here for the Zoom session.

31/3: Artist Talk Elspeth Diederix + Stine Jensen

Artist Elspeth Diederix was born in Kenya, grew up in Colombia, and now lives and works in Amsterdam. She studied at both the Gerrit Rietveld Academy and the Rijksakademie van Beeldende Kunsten in Amsterdam. In 2002, she won the prestigious Prix de Rome Photography award.

In recent years, Elspeth’s focus shifted from her travels towards her immediate surroundings. This change saw her initiate the Miracle Garden project, a living flower garden in Amsterdam’s Erasmuspark, which she herself maintains. She describes this garden as her studio, but also as her muse.

She joined in the conversation with writer and philosopher Stine Jensen.

Watch the talk back here!

24/3: Artist Talk Levi van Veluw + Anna Tilroe

Multidisciplinary artist Levi van Veluw (1985) became known in 2008 for a series of self-portraits, combining drawings, stones and landscapes with the image of his face. His work has since been exhibited in various locations in Europe and the United States, and has earned him numerous nominations and awards. Levi produces multidisciplinary works comprising photography, video, sculpture, installation and drawing.

Host of the talk is Anna Tilroe, art critic and curator. Anna wrote for Dutch newspapers Volkskrant and NRC and various international magazines and journals, and is author of three books. She received the Pierre Bayle-award for her work as an art critic.

When? Wednesday March 24, live at 5pm (CET).

Register for the live Zoom session here.

Artist Talk: Anthony Goicolea

We were happy to welcome Anthony Goicolea live from New York for this week’s Artist Talk.

Anthony is a multidisciplinary artist who creates drawings, sculptures, photography, video, large scale installations and narrative tableaux. He explores themes ranging from his personal history and identity, to cultural traditions, heritage, alienation and displacement.

His works are part of many public collections, such as the Whitney Museum, Guggenheim Museum, the Museum of Modern Art, and many more. He was selected to create the first LGBT Memorial in the US, which was revealed in 2018.

Watch the talk back here.

Shade up your garden!

Spring is just around the corner and it can’t come soon enough! Spring fever comes with the necessary butterflies in the stomach. Be prepared to make your garden spring proof with the Shadylace parasol. The airy parasol by Chris Kabel allows just a little sun to shine through, creating a dappled shade. It comes complete with a golden or silver bird perched on top. The Shadylace is now available for pre-order in three colours.

Artist Talk: Driessens&Verstappen + Christine de Baan

Artist duo Erwin Driessens and Maria Verstappen have been working together since 1990, developing a versatile body of work consisting of objects, machines and software.

In 2002, they created the Tickle Salon: a hanging robot designed to gently stroke your skin with undivided attention. In the current pandemic, the Tickle Salon takes on new significance: when touching is discouraged, the robot takes over.

Maria Verstappen joined a conversation with Christine de Baan, writer, editor and advisor in the field of art and design.

Watch the talk here.

Artist Talk: Charlotta Östlund + Stine Jensen

Swedish artist Charlotta Östlund lives and works in Helsinki, Finland. Charlotta’s sculptures make us aware of the ephemerality of nature but simultaneously show its power. Due to her use of natural materials, Charlotta’s works are rarely constant, but instead undergo small changes through time.

She joined in a conversation with Danish born, Netherlands based philospher and writer Stine Jensen.

Listen to the talk here

Artist Talk: Sethembile Msezane + Ama van Dantzig

This week we’re joined by multidisciplinary artist Sethembile Msezane (1991), who lives and works in Cape Town, South Africa. Using an interdisciplinary practice of performance, photography, film, sculpture and drawing, Sethembile creates commanding works heavy with spiritual and political symbolism.

She had a conversation with Ama van Dantzig, researcher and creative thinker based in Ghana and The Netherlands, and co-Founder of Dr. Monk.

Watch the talk here.