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From Screw to the City! The Droog spirit over 23 years.

August 2nd 2016

At the 4th Mercado Arte Design (MADE) in São Paulo (Brazil), Droog presents ‘From Screw to City’. The exhibition captures Droog’s story that lives through more than 23 years, a design company that has explored all dimensions of human life, from the smallest detail to the bigger picture – from screw to city!

At MADE 2016 Droog is awarded ‘Designer do Ano’ (Designer of the Year).

From Screw to City:

The spirit of Droog is human-centered and people-driven, aiming to  develop new tools, scenarios, and business models for the future of design and society at large.

Through three key projects (Construct Me, Open House, and Social City), the exhibition ‘From Screw to City’ demonstrates that this mentality can transform the smallest details in life, such as a screw – to the largest, such as a sprawling city.


The screws, hinges, nuts, nails, brackets and other hardware, from our ‘Construct Me‘ (2015) project, are super functional – in some cases we even extended their function – but they also add value, character and a richer narrative. In our collection you will find nails that reduce the risk of hitting your finger, two way tie wraps, fancy hinges and screws that smile at you. They give flavour to simple DIY work, revive existing furniture and challenge the designer.


With the same mentality that we approached hardware with, we also look at the bigger picture – the beautiful urban diversity of a city. In collaboration with Diller Scofidio+Renfro, we developed the project ‘Open House‘ (2011) in the New York suburb Levittown. The project was expressed as a movement, where suburban homeowners supplement their income to develop a new vocation by offering home-made services and facilities to the public. The project encourages self-inventiveness, offers ideas, and proposes new models for suburban housing which struck a new balance between the private and public realm. Starting with an economic argument for the struggling middle class, the proposal also addresses the challenges posed by urban sprawl and single–owner consumption. The new residential marketplace not only brings more capital and density to the neighborhood, it also increases social cohesion through service exchange.


In continuation of ‘Open House‘ we explore citizens’ dreams , with our ‘Design+Desires’ program (2015-onwards), in order to create their ideal city. We see our city being shaped by the current network society in which people are connected on a various levels, online as well as offline. The result is an ever changing multi-layered city diversity that poses new challenges and urges for innovative solutions. To keep pace with this, we initiate design projects, educational projects, academic research, citizen surveys, exhibitions, expert meetings, debates and lectures.


At the exhibition people are invited to play the Social City poll, which is part of the Design+Desires program. ‘Social City’ is a virtual city to be created around the diversity of dreams and desires of city dwellers all over the world. By taking the poll , people create an avatar and will see the virtual city grow. By becoming a Social Citizen, they can can be part of a continuous dialogue on the future of the city and city life and be part of the design of a speculative city model; the first exercise will be presented at the exhibition.


About Droog:

Co-founded and directed by curator and author Renny Ramakers, Droog is a design company with a mindset that sparks cutting edge products, projects and events globally in collaboration with designers, clients, partners and dreamers.

Droog has been pioneering new perspectives for design and design-thinking since the early nineties. Through critically redefining international notions of luxury, Droog has initiated projects worldwide that twist the status-quo.

From re-dreaming cities; to revolutionary hospitality concepts; Droog is a warm rebel and curious urban change-agent triggering social innovation and new perspectives.


Situated in the heart of Amsterdam, Droog is also a place to visit. In the form of a multi-faceted design emporium called Hôtel Droog, visitors can shop iconic Dutch design and fashion; or sit, eat, drink and think at the restaurant; enjoy carefully-crafted spaces for exhibitions and meetings at the Library, The Grand Space and Courtyard; as well as soak up nature’s wisdom in the Fairytale Garden.


Droog is not only a hubbub of activity during the day (open to the public from 9am to 7pm Mon-Sun) but at night, there is a changing series of events and lectures on offer – each unpacking the topical topics and mattering matters of current affairs, sustainability, fashion and design.


Exhibition details:

The exhibition installation ‘From Screw to City’ (2016) combines the Droog projects Construct Me (2015), Open House (2011), and Social City (2015-now).

At Salone del Mobile in Milan, Construct Me has won the Milano Design Award for Best Tech 2015.

At Bi-City Biennale of Urbanism/Architecture (UABB) in Shenzhen, Social City has won the Peoples’ Choice Award 2015.

At MADE 2016 Droog is awarded ‘Designer do Ano’ (Designer of the Year


Mercado Arte Design (MADE) in São Paulo (Brazil) 9-14 August 2016 details:

- Opening hours: Tuesday – Friday 13h – 21h | Saturday 12h – 21h | Sunday 12h – 20h

- Location: Jockey Club de São Paulo – Av. Lineu de Paula Machado, 1.173 (vallet no numero 1.263) – Cidade Jardim, São Paulo, Brazil

- Tuesday to Thursday Free entrance

- Friday to Sunday: R$ 20

- For the elderly and students: R$ 10


At MADE 2016 Droog is awarded ‘Designer do Ano’ (Designer of the Year)

July 25th 2016

From Screw to City

At the 4th Mercado Arte Design (MADE) in São Paulo (Brazil), Droog presents ‘From Screw to City’, showcasing that Droog explores for more than 23 years all dimensions of human life – from the smallest detail to the bigger picture – from screw to city!

At MADE 2016 Droog is awarded ‘Designer do Ano’ (Designer of the Year)

Mercado Arte Design (MADE) in São Paulo (Brazil)

Opening hours: Tuesday – Friday 13h – 21h
Saturday 12h – 21h
Sunday 12h – 20h

Location: Jockey Club de São Paulo – Av. Lineu de Paula Machado, 1.173 (vallet no numero 1.263) – Cidade Jardim, São Paulo, Brazil

Tuesday to Thursday
Free entrance

Friday to Sunday: R$ 20

For the elderly and students: R$ 10


Keeping up with CACAU

July 15th 2016

Droog has been commissioned to redesign the CACAU cultural center in São Tomé. The aim is to contribute to a sustainable socio-economic infrastructure for the island’s cultural center that celebrates art, music, fashion, film and food.

Throughout the project, Droog encourages the local community to participate in the project to further forge a community home. In the coming months, construction for the redesign of the interior of CACAU will take place. Droog is currently holding a workshop on the island to realise an important element for the new interior, a 90-meter long curtain designed specifically for the center’s new look.

Under guidance of textile designer Nikkie Wester, a community of around 25 men and women living on the island are being trained to weave the substantial textile. The newly learned skills and techniques hope to inject fresh economic activities into the community, as well as support the existing island-artisan activities.

The curtain offers CACAU the possibility to divide and/or open the space according to the needs of the center. It will ultimately represent the collective identity of the community, through the stitch of each individual.  The artwork is rich in personality and identity and combines visual references of São Tomé’s flora and fauna, made from local non-toxic dyes and materials found on the island (such as banana fiber and pigments from plants and minerals). A poem dear to São Tomé, written by Alda Espírito Santo will lace the bottom edge of the artwork, uniting the piece. The fundamental idea of the collaboration was to recycle and use as many local materials and waste items as possible to realize the project.

The process involves locally handmade tools and looms, with one-on-one weaving guidance by Nikkie. The men and women began with smaller looms for training, and will eventually move to 5 larger looms (working with 3 people per loom) in order to realise the full design.

The training period also involves comprehensive dying techniques, mainly using an ancient tint called indigovera tincture (Indigo). The indigo plant is native to São Tomé however there were no current applications of indigo use as a dying material. The group who will assist in dying process is made up of 5 people, from a small cooperative called Uê Tela based in São Tomé. Other colours used in the CACAU project are a very dark grey/green, green, light green, yellow and pink, which are already being produced by Uê Tela from all natural materials.

The mission of the CACAU center is to enhance and develop cultural enterprise in the community, where even the redesign intertwines this mission in the minutiae of its development. Though the completion of the build is a few months away yet, the spirit of the Center is still very much awake.

Our local man on the scene, Dário Pequeno Paraíso is providing his talents to document the process.  Keep up with Droog on social media to follow the process!


“Kunstkijken met Ko en Kho” at the Courtyard

June 20th 2016

We’ve got a new video in the Courtyard of Hôtel Droog with tips by ‘Kunstkijken met Ko en Kho’ for the hottest art exhibitions in town and around.


Droog ♥ Bloc

June 20th 2016

Droog’s Design+Desires team is now partnering with area developer Bloc to develop new projects for the Design+Desires program. We come back soon with more…


Droog is commissioned to redesign the CACAU cultural center in São Tomé

June 20th 2016

Droog is commissioned to redesign the CACAU cultural center in São Tomé. The aim is to contribute to a sustainable socio-economic infrastructure. Therefore 25 local women and men under guidance of textile designer Nikkie Wester will be trained for 4 weeks to weave and dye banana fiber.

Together they make a huge textile for the interior. After completion, they can use their newly learned skills for their own economic actvities and other projects.


Dinner with refugees at Hôtel Droog

May 25th 2016


On 21 December 2015 Sarriel Taus and Renny Ramakers organized their first dinner with refugees at Hôtel Droog.  35 Dutch guests mingled with 35 refugees from Syria, Irak and Eritrea, christians and moslims.

It was a night full of hearth breaking stories about crossing the Sea in rubber boats, the transit through Turkey, Macedonia and so on, the continuously bombing in their home land – a hairdresser told us that his hair salon had been completely destroyed and while we were eating and drinking, my neighbour at the table received a text message from a friend saying that his house was in between two fires. They showed pictures of their family left behind and they told us about their life in the refugees shelters. For some if them it was the first time to meet Dutch citizens. Their biggest frustration is that they don’t have any money while not being permitted to do any work. They don’t want to keep their hand up. They just want to work, to start an enterprise, to start a new life. And now the only thing they can do is wait. Many of them were eager to learn Dutch and one guest hilariously practiced Dutch proverbs.The 35 refugees were all men.

On 15 February 2016 a second dinner was organized, this time with women only and a few gay men. The atmosphere was totally different. It was again evening full of shocking stories. But we also saw new friendships arise. Afterwards we got very positive feedback from the refugees aid organization. They told us that everyone was enthousiast and that the evening gave the refugees hope and trust.



Werk en vrije tijd in de Dapperbuurt!

May 6th 2016


Leuk dat je meer wilt weten over het project waar de vragen onderdeel van zijn! Wij zijn Droog Design, Mark van der Net (OSCity) en ontwerper Jan Konings. De Gemeente Amsterdam heeft ons opdracht gegeven om te kijken of jouw dromen en ambities op het vlak van werk en vrije tijd nieuwe mogelijkheden voor jou en andere jongeren in de Dapperbuurt kunnen opleveren.

Wij zijn hiervoor het project ‘Design+Desires: Een nieuw perspectief op werk en vrije tijd in de Dapperbuurt’ gestart. Dit project is onderdeel van ons breder Design+Desires programma dat in 2014 in het leven is geroepen door Renny Ramakers (mede-oprichter en directeur Droog).

Via de vragen hopen we jouw dromen, passies en wensen op het gebied van werk en vrije tijd te leren kennen. Wat jij invult is mega belangrijk voor ons. Want op basis van daarvan zal Jan Konings gesprekken hebben met misschien wel jou en andere jongeren in de Dapperbuurt.

Hij heeft deze gesprekken nodig om er echt achter te komen waar jullie tegen aanlopen of wat jullie graag zouden willen qua werk. Op basis daarvan zal hij zogeheten ontwerpscenario’s, dat wil zeggen visuele beelden, creëren van nieuwe vormen van werkgelegenheid die op jou en andere jongeren van toepassing zijn. Want jullie vertellen ons wat je het allerliefst wilt doen voor een werk, met wie je graag wilt samenwerken en wat je daar allemaal voor nodig denkt te hebben. Wij bedenken dan de oplossingen hiervoor en geven dat door aan jouw stadsdeel, goeie deal toch?

Als je nog vragen hebt, mail ons dan gerust!




Social City wins Peoples’ Choice Award at UABB 2015/2016

April 5th 2016

Social City wins Peoples’ Choice Award at UABB 2015/2016

We (Droog, OSCity, Jan Rothuizen) are happy to announce that our project Social City, which is part of the Design+Desires program, has won the Peoples’ Choice Award at the UABB 2015/2016. The jury stated: ““Symbiotic Village”, “City of Wind”, and “Social City” won public recognition for their creativity, sense of presence and visual presentation through a poll conducted at UABB venues, on the official website and platforms like WeChat, over a period of one month.”


Renny Ramakers talks at the Penny Stamps Speaker Series in Ann Arbor

April 5th 2016

On Thursday April 7, 2016, Renny Ramakers will give a presentation at the Penny Stamps Speaker Series in Ann Arbor (MI). She will talk about her inspiration and work, and Droog’s latest people-centered urban research-and-do program called Design+Desires. Renny will tell something about her fascination with Russian constructivism and De Stijl movement, and how this has influenced on her path and that of founding Droog and its many different projects. The Penny Stamp Speakers Series offers a unique art & design education within the University of Michigan. Focusing on creative practice as an engine for cultural change and innovation.

Thursday April 7, 2016
5.10 PM
Michigan Theater
603 E. Liberty Street
Ann Arbor, MI 48104

The event is free of charge and open to the public.


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