Valentine’s High Tea

January 30th 2020

Enjoy this year’s Valentine’s Day and the weekend after with a pink high tea @droog.

Start with a festive glass of cava with raspberry or an alcohol free rose lemonade. Your high tea includes a selection of our home made pink sandwiches and pink cakes and is served with unlimited pink tea.

Price: €25,- (ex service fee)

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[email protected] presents
Diana Scherer | Hyper Rhizome
19th of January – 24th of February

January 9th 2020




From Sunday the 19th of January until 24th of Februari 2020
[email protected]

Staalstraat 7B, Amsterdam
Open Daily from 9.00 AM – 19.00 PM

In the solo exhibition Hyper Rhizome Diana Scherer shares with us a selection of growing objects, scientific research and plantrootweaving. 
For this installation she grew various wall hangings from roots.
The new work is the continuation of the project Exercises in Rootsystem Domestication.

Charles Darwin was the first to watch the behaviour of roots. 
In his book The Power of Movements of Plants, he describes how roots do not passively grow down, but move and observe. A root navigates, knows what’s up and down, observes gravity and localizes moisture and chemicals. Darwin discovered that plants are a lot more intelligent, than everybody thought. For contemporary botanists, this buried matter is still a wondrous land. There is a global investigation to discover this hidden world. Scherer approaches the root system as if it were yarn. For example, the refined, white root structure of grass reminds her of silk and the powerful, yellowish strands of the daisy she compares to wool.  She developed a technique to control the growth of plant roots and with Hyper Rhizome the natural network of the root system turns into a textile. 

Diana explores the relationship of man versus his natural environment and his desire to control nature. The living material forms the basis of her investigation. She works with biological processes and develops her work by making interventions, both intuitively or by scientific means. Exercises in Rootsystem Domestication originated as an art project with an intuitive approach. It has also developed into an innovative material research and pursuit for a new and suistainable textile. Working on this project Scherer shifts between disciplines, from design to art, craft and science. To develop this biotechnique she collaborates with biologists and engineers from TU Delft Materials Experience Lab and Radboud University Nijmegen. 

More about Diana Scherer

The project & exhibition is supported by Bank Giro Loterij FondsTU Delft, Mondriaanfonds, FondsKwadraat and Radboud Univerity Nijmegen.



on view: Opinion Cooler by Pauline Perrin

December 20th 2019



Are you yourself online? Visual artist Pauline Perrin uses a series of selfportraits to answer that question. Through digitally enhanced photography, she shows how media blurs our notion of reality, yet gives space vulnerability. On view until 12th of January in our gallery @droog!


Come visit our buurtsuper!

December 17th 2019

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Workspaces for rent

October 17th 2019

[email protected]

When you’re looking for a workspace in Amsterdam there are numerous options, but here at [email protected] you can build your entrepreneurial dream.

Get together for meetings in the cafe or the meetingrooms, take a break in the fairy tale garden, get inspired by the exhibits and events. @droog has been the destination for creative minds for years. With [email protected] we want to connect ambition and creativity. The 17th century building @droog is situated in has an inspiring history: Rembrandt painted his “Staalmeesters” here, in the monumental part of the building. The first Chemestry Nobel prize winner did his groundbreaking research here and now it’s filled with contemporary design.

The open, light [email protected] spaces overlook the lively Staalstraat and the quiet courtyard. We offer 40 flexworkspaces and two private offices (up to max. 7 people).

For more info or would you like to [email protected] yourself, send an email to [email protected]


Opening hours holidays

October 17th 2019

We are open daily from 9am till 7pm, but for the holidays we have alternate opening hours:

December 24th – open till 5pm (kitchen closes at 4pm).

December 25th – closed

December 26th – closed

December 31st – open till 5pm (kitchen closes at 4pm).

January 1st – closed

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Coming soon: Expo by Mieke Gerritzen

July 25th 2019

Till the end of september our gallery is filled with some of the most iconic droog items. After that Mieke Gerritzen will come back with a whole new expo. Curious? Keep an eye on our site, or follow us on our socials: instagram, facebook and twitter.


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Staalstraat 7A/B

1011 JJ Amsterdam
The Netherlands

Open daily
9 am – 7 pm



Now in our gallery: the droog collection

July 25th 2019

Our gallery is filled with some of the most iconic droog items. Come see the knotted chair, walk around the milk bottle lamp and experience the come a little closer (bench). The exposition is open till the end of september, then Mieke Gerritzen will come back with a whole new expo.


shop eat drink work sleep think

Staalstraat 7A/B

1011 JJ Amsterdam
The Netherlands

Open daily
9 am – 7 pm



Amsterdam Design Debat: 28 mei @droog

May 14th 2019

Info Amsterdam Design Debat
Dinsdag 28 Mei | 17.00 uur | inloop 16.30 uur
Adres: @Droog, Staalstraat 7 Amsterdam

Waarom een debat over design?
Het label design wordt letterlijk overal opgeplakt. Het vakgebied waait alle kanten uit en beweegt misschien wel weg van de kunst. Wat is er aan de hand en waarom is design zo populair?

Jasper van Kuijk (cabaretier en columnist), Yuri Veerman (ontwerper en performer), Anja Groten (ontwerper Hackers en Designers), Caroline Nevejan (wetenschapper, Chief Science Officer Amsterdam), Nikki Gonnissen (directeur Thonik/president AGI), Jurgen Bey (directeur Sandberg Instituut), Richard van der Laken (ontwerper, directeur What Design Can Do), Hans Gubbels (directeur Cube Design Museum), Ruben Pater (designer), Mark van Iterson (Heineken Design), Tessa de Boer (Maison the Faux), Angelique Spaninks (MU), Marleen Stikker (Waag Society), Roosje Klap (designer), Geke van Dijk (STBY), Guus Beumer (Het Nieuwe Instituut), Ben Schouten (HvA), Dirk van Weelden (schrijver) e.a.

Moderator: Dagan Cohen (Social Inc, What Design Can Do Challenge)

Het debat wordt georganiseerd door Mieke Gerritzen. Zij is momenteel curator op uitnodiging van Droog in het kader van het ‘innovative laboratory’ programma. Meer informatie: [email protected]


Amsterdam Design Debat dinsdag 28 Mei | 17.00 uur | inloop 16.30 uur Tickets:


Book presentation: “Renny Ramakers Rethinking Design”

April 3rd 2019

By the end of April, the new book by Aaron Betsky “Renny Ramakers Rethinking Design” will be presented. As one of the first and few women in design, Droog’s co-founder Renny Ramakers established herself and her brand in the scene and gained international reputation. As a writer, curator, and thinker, she has worked to redefine our human-made world for more than a quarter century. She has championed the notion of furniture and industrial design as a way to re-imagine today’s world, re-thinking design as a project of reuse and critical action that can effect a better future.

In 1993 Renny Ramakers and Gijs Bakker started Droog as an anti-statement; a no-nonsense, down to earth design mentality that opposed the high style and form-based world of design. 

In all her projects Ramakers focuses on creating interaction with the public, new collaborations, tools and systems. She is challenged by highly innovative art and design projects that are embedded in the social context but that always have a twist. 

Shop the book in our store or online. 

Book presentation
Join us for a festive evening with an open table discussion hosted by Wim Pijbes. In conversation with Aaron Betsky, Irma Boom, Renny Ramakers and others, the evening is dedicated to their ideas on design and the future of Droog.

Program 23 April 2019
@Droog, Staalstraat 7, Amsterdam
Walk-in: 18:00 – 18:30
Open table discussion: 18:30 – 19:15
Bites & drinks: 19:15 – 21:00.