Do Scratch auction

(12 December 2004) Guus Bakker, director of the Beurs van Berlage Foundation, auctioned ten Do scratch lamps (designed by Martí Guixé), which have been adapted by ten Dutch comic artists. The proceeds go towards acquiring a lathe for the Monte Azul manufacturing firm set up in a slum area in Sao Paolo, Brazil.

The drawings have been made by Joep Bertrams, Luuk Bode, Stang Gubbels, Erik Kriek, Reid, Geleijnse & Van Tol (Fokke & Sukke), Peter van Straaten, Urbain Servranckx (Urbanus), Stefan Verwey, Joost Swarte and Henk Visch. Together the lamps made more than 7.000 euros.


Do Design
Do Eat
Do Link by Martí­ Guixé
Do Post
Do Reincarnate by Mart­ Guixé
Do Scratch by Martí Guixé
Do Swing by Thomas Bernstrand
Do Connect
Do add 'short-leg' & 'extended seat' by Jurgen Bey
Do Break by Frank Tjepkema & Peter van der Jagt
Do Cut
Do Frame by Martí Guixé
Do Create on location
Do Hit by Marijn van der Poll
Do Create in Milan