Greenwhich / Greenwijck

For your leisure on the lawn, don’t miss:
AVL – Skull: Atelier Van Lieshout for Lensvelt
Boombench: Michael Schoner (NL Architects) for Droog
Plaited Fence: Martín Azúa for Droog
Rhino: Richard Hutten for NgispeN
Shadylace Parasol: Chris Kabel for Droog
Zzzidt: Richard Hutten for NgispeN
Bushwaffle: Rebar for Droog

Over Here / Over There graphic sign system: Experimental Jetset
Referencing the original meaning of the word ‘pioneer’ – a person who is among the first to explore or settle in a new area –Experimental Jetset have created a graphic identity for the festival with a collection of words, slogans and phrases that refer to the discovery, the exploration, the claiming or the mapping of land.